Garden Cabins

Looking to expand your home? A Garden Cabin is the best solution. Providing a vast amount of space, provides large quantities of space for whatever purpose is needed.The versatility of these products means that they suit a variety of customers, and can be used for any purpose desired. Home gyms, artist studios, home offices and man caves are just a few of our most popular uses to be listed.

As a stand-alone building, our garden cabins are perfect for those who are looking for privacy and personal space. Just at the end of your garden, you have the luxury of your own private space, with your property just a small walk down the garden away. Our products are available in a variety of finishes and designs, however, our garden cabin building mostly sticks to the traditional log cabin-like design. Built to last during the ever-changing UK weather with no maintenance needed, garden cabins are a lasting investment that can help you achieve your long term goals from the comfort of your own home.


Compact & contemporary

The Inspiration is our most cost-effective model that we have. Made up of simple yet elegant lines, it's designed to fit into smaller gardens with limited space.
Prices start from £11,745


Strikingly elegant

As a whole most of the summer houses on the market have a tradition style in mind. This is recipricated in our Expression model. With an elegant overhang and twinned with wooden side cheeks it radiates a traditonal feel.
Prices start from £14,745


A modern classic

A contemporary styled building with our siganture black pack. Fitted as standard, this includes the shaded deck and hood area at the front of the building. If you're looking for a modern spacious environment, this is a guaranteed hit.
Prices start from £14,745


Architecturally stunning

Architecurally stunning, this unique building is a contemporary ground-breaking design. Far away from traditional it makes a beautiful yet unique space.
Prices start from £15,745
The main benefit of owning a garden cabin, is that their ability to be customised allows them to be made unique and personalised. Meaning you can always feel comfortable and at home in your garden cabins, and as though it were quite literally part of your house. We aim to make the process as smooth and hassle free as possible. Which is why our dedicated team carry out site surveys to assess the space, as well as provide testers of the materials used to construct our products.

In the scenario of a building needing planning permission, this is also handled by the team. Dealing with the planning permissions office, as well as keeping you in the loop and up to date with progress. Unlike other intrusive forms of home expandsion, the installation of our products cause minimal disruption to your daily life. With a swift installation once construction begins, you will be left with a durable, high-quality garden cabin.